With the “KOGI” in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

by Simon Chaput

A few years back, with the help of Alan Ereira who has done a wonderful new film on the Kogi, I lead this wonderful expedition in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia to photograph the Kogi indians. I was accompanied by a local guide who took care of our survival, an anthropologist and a few mules to carry our equipment up the mountains. I spent many weeks there in different villages photographing the “Kogi” in their daily lives. For now, I will just show a few panoramic photographs that I shot along the way.

my trip, kogi map julio Barragan-s Mules-2 Mules-1 Kogi map Prosierra, my trip 2_kogi pano1_kogi pano3_kogi pano4_kogi pano5_kogi pano12_kogi pano 7_kogi pano8_kogi pano9_kogi pano10_kogi pano11_kogi pano6_kogi pano