Simon Chaput is based in New York and travels extensively. Widely published in magazines and books, Simon Chaput has produced many narrative stories on Buddhism and ancient cultures that require quiet appreciation and visual perception of mood and timing.

His personal work includes a suite of images of the Stone Observatories (Jantar Mantar) in India and a suite of modernist views of Manhattan’s architecture. Both bodies are representative of Simon Chaput’s interest in abstraction and negative space. Their dynamic compositions exude the energy and awe of these timeless structures.

In his more recent study of the nude, Simon Chaput’s distinctive vision of the female form takes a daring and gratifying step forward within the age-old tradition of depicting the nude.

His most recent work is a study on waterfalls, distilling them to their most essential movement. As with all his work he again gives as much importance to the negative space that is essential in anchoring the work.